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Identifying Great Companies
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Dominant, growing businesses are currently available at prices not seen in years – Exceptional opportunities for investors who think long term

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A Tale of Two Markets

A Tale of Two Markets

The distortions and anomalies of the current market environment – extraordinarily narrow leadership, massive performance disparities between growth and value – and the risks and opportunities being created

Opportunities in Today's Market

Opportunities in Today’s Market

Companies and sectors that we believe represent the greatest opportunities today, ranging from high growth digital economy leaders to great, durable and growing companies being offered at prices not seen in years.

Fall 2021 PM Reviews

Our Portfolio Managers on the markets and how we are positioning portfolios now to pursue the opportunities being created.

“…We have built a portfolio that includes growth companies at value prices and value companies with long-term growth. As a result, the portfolio is positioned with less risk and more relative upside than we have seen since the late 1990s.”

Portfolio Manager Chris Davis, DUSA Annual Review 2021

Actively managed. Benchmark agnostic. Intra-day liquidity.


Wisdom of Great Investors

Timeless principles from some of history's most successful investors: Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Charlie Munger, and others.

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Fifty Years of Investing Experience
Fifty Years of Investing Experience
Different from the Index
Different from the Index
Invested Together
Invested Together

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Low cost, tax efficient, transparent
Low cost, tax efficient, transparent

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Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get

Investor attention is dominated by companies optimized for the moment, with high short term growth, momentum - and often big operating losses. At the same time, many truly great companies are being offered at prices not seen in years.

Financials: Underappreciated and Undervalued

Financials are the cheapest sector in the market – despite the strongest balance sheets in their history and their capture of a growing share of the market’s total earnings over the decade

Davis & Goei: Actively Managed ETF Pioneers

Davis & Goei: Actively Managed ETF Pioneers

Consuelo Mack interviews PMs Chris Davis and Danton Goei on the key advantages of active management within an equity ETF
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