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Our Portfolio Managers on the Markets, New Opportunities and the Mindset of Successful Investors

The Mindset Required to Navigate Crises and Uncertainty (9:06)

The danger of following the “experts” who try to predict the markets. Wealth compounds by remaining steadfast through inevitable adversity, not by trading in-and-out based on what is inherently unpredictable.

Equities Role During Periods of Inflation (5:43)

How inflation quietly eats away at the purchasing power of consumers and how Equities – while volatile in the short term – can help investors build long-term wealth faster than inflation can degrade it

The Opportunity in e-Commerce, Healthcare Services & Workhorse Technology (3:04)

Four areas we are finding opportunities now among resilient, cash-generative companies with attractive growth profiles and surprisingly low multiples.

“Fragile Value” & “Speculative Growth” Areas to Avoid (4:33)

Identifying vulnerable companies in both the Value and Growth camps – each dangerous in their own ways

Where Should Investors Hide in Today’s Market (2:39)

High quality, resilient, cash-generating businesses bought at attractive prices may be the place to be if you are concerned with protecting long term purchasing power in a period of higher inflation.

Recession Potential and Impact on Portfolio Positioning (3:18)

Predicting is futile. Buy businesses that have proven resilient through the inevitable storms. Investors are now being reminded of the critical importance of business durability.

Barron’s interviews PM Chris Davis – Podcast (47:49)

Where we are now in the market cycle, opportunity in “undervalued Growth” and durable “growing Value” plus the mindset of a successful investor in volatile times

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Annual 2022 PM Reviews

Our Portfolio Managers on the markets and how we are positioning portfolios now to pursue the opportunities being created.

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Fifty Years of Investing Experience
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Different from the Index
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Invested Together

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Low cost, tax efficient, transparent

Wisdom of Great Investors

Timeless principles from some of history's most successful investors: Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Charlie Munger, and others.

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Inside ETFs Podcast: See Straight Through ETFs with Chris Davis

PM Chris Davis on fully transparent, actively managed Davis ETFs; what’s driving our individual stock selection today across US, Global, International and Financial ETFs

Davis & Goei: Actively Managed ETF Pioneers

Davis & Goei: Actively Managed ETF Pioneers

Consuelo Mack interviews PMs Chris Davis and Danton Goei on the key advantages of active management within an equity ETF
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